Taking Pictures

With the internet, most buyers rule out the majority of homes long before they even put on their socks. Buyers search areas, prices, room numbers, amenities and then look at pictures of the subject properties. Good pictures may not sell a house – but bad ones will assure you don’t sell. Or don’t sell at best price. There is a reason that good real estate agents use professionals to take the photos. It is an expense that often pays for itself 10 times or more in return.

The following pointers will help you with taking pictures. If you desire, professional real estate photographers are available for as little as $75 (in Las Vegas). Higher priced packages with more pictures, and even 3D modeling are available.

Almost everyone has cell phone with a camera in it. Cell phone companies even brag about the quality of their pictures. However, cellphones only take ‘flat pictures’. A one size fit all situation. However, to take realy good, or even just decent real estate photos you need more creative control. In some situations you need more wide angle and others you need to zoom in. Also, dark photos are a turn off and cell phone camera flashes may or may not lite up the whole area. If you really insist on doing it yourself, borrow a friend’s camera system.

In other posts I will detail important pointers but a few to start with:
1) Curb Appeal Picture – your most important one and how to make it the best.
2) Backyards should be studied for best angle and lighting.
3) Interior photos should be shot with a good flash. Again, cell phone camera flashes are ok for family snap shots but seldom will brighten up a room and eliminate shadows.
4) When possible – stage the photos by getting stuff off of counters, pictures from walls and other items that detract from the home. You are trying to market your home – not your art work