Southern Nevada Airports

Southern Nevada is served for air transport services with several airports. The crown jewel of them being McCarran International Airport (LAS). McCarran is the primary access for millions of tourists and business partners (convention) to arrive and depart the Las Vegas Valley Metro area. Currently with four terminals, three handle domestic flights and one is reserved for International Services and has the necessary Customs centers to process visitors. Within the 3 domestic terminals, there five ‘gates’ (A, B, C, D and E) that provide access to the planes. There is also an Executive Terminal for private jets and tourism flights (fixed and rotary wing) located on the west side of the north-south runway away from the main terminals. While the Executive Terminal may be a ‘general aviation’ destination, don’t plan to park your Cessna 172 there. Between Security Requirements and Landing Fees, it just won’t happen.

Henderson Executive, located south of McCarran in Henderson, is a primary destination private jets for business executives and Hollywood’s elite. Averaging about 200 air operations a day, most are general aviation and air-taxi services. FAA designation is HND. Prior to being purchase by Clark County, the airport was known as Sky Harbor.

The northern valley airport is North Las Vegas (VGT). North Las Vegas Airport, located about 3 miles north of downtown Las Vegas, serves as the primary General Aviation center and Fixed Base Operator (FBO) in the Las Vegas Valley. Along with parking for privately owned aircraft, VGT provides flight schools, maintenance and sales for aircraft. It is also the base of operations for several helicopter operations including LVMPD’s air unit. Some scenic tour operators have also relocated to here to escape the busy McCarran area. Some limited regional airlines also use North Las Vegas to also avoid McCarran’s busy area and it’s landing fees. Lastly, it is the second-busiest airport in the Las Vegas area and the third-busiest in Nevada.

Nellis Air Base is the key military employer in southern Nevada. Home to the USAF Air Demonstration Squadron is also the base for annual Red Flag Training which provides joint combat training opportunities for USAF units and defense partners from other countries. There is also a high security Federal Prison located on the base in a remote area. The base receives substantial amounts of it’s daily electrical use from solar arrays installed on and near the base. Because of the sensitive nature of operations – it is one of the most secure bases in the USA inventory. Random drop in visits are just going to happen.