Boulder City, Nevada

Boulder City, just outside the Las Vegas Valley, south of Henderson, was originally the camp site for the workers on the Boulder Dam – now the Hoover Dam. Then a massive sprawling tent city that contained sleeping billets as well as food service, medical services and warehouses for the construction, Boulder City is now home to around 15,000 people. It is also home to several solar power projects.

The dam, which produces electricity with water flow from Lake Mead, does not actually provide electricity to Las Vegas and the surrounding areas. The electricity is sold primarily to the Los Angeles power company. The decision to allow large scale solar projects in the Nevada deserts was a boom for Boulder City which had annexed 1,000s of acres years before. With 208.6 square miles of city boundaries, Boulder City is 35th largest city in the USA.

Boulder City is only one of two cities in the State of Nevada that does not allow for gambling. The town looks more like a mid western rural town then one just minutes from the gambling and entertainment capitol of the world. Many of the people who opt to call Boulder City home are escaping the 24/hour glitz of Las Vegas. The town’s casual lifestyle and lack of gambling makes it a great day trip get away were it is possible to sit and enjoy a meal without hearing the bells and ringing of clot machines in the back ground.

Boulder City’s non gambling environment also makes it a great weekend get away for Las Vegas residents.

Boulder City is also home the Nevada Southern Railway is a railroad museum operated by the Nevada State Railroad Museum.