Las Vegas Metro Area

Las Vegas is no longer the sleeping desert town with some casinos and surrounded by nothing. The Las Vegas Metro area is actually 3 key cities plus a lot of unincorporated developed areas in Clark County. The three principle cities that make up Metro Vegas are Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Henderson. Population wise, in general, Las Vegas is the largest, but the growth of Henderson and North Las Vegas cities make them equal players.

Some services and amenities are shared across all the areas – some are unique to themselves. For example, currently Clark County School District (CCSD) provides all public schooling through out the entire valley. There are four fire departments – one each for Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Clark County and Henderson. Police departments are Henderson, North Las Vegas and Metro which patrols Clark County and Las Vegas, however, Metro is also the Clark County Sheriff and has some authorities everywhere in the county.

A confusing issue for many people – that pay attention to details – the Famous Las Vegas Strip with it’s mega resorts and casino enterprises is entirely not in the City of Las Vegas’ boundaries. The strip officially begins at Sahara Avenue and continues south along Las Vegas Blvd to, well a long way. Sahara Avenue is the boundary between the Las Vegas City to the north and unincorporated Clark County to the south. This is situation traces it roots back to Bugsy Siegel, founder of the Flamingo Casino buying a tract of land outside Las Vegas because the City Council would not grant him a gaming license.

Home to the Nellis Air Base and headquarters of operations for the (former) Nevada Test Site, Las Vegas Metro also has a strong Federal Government employment base. The economy, still dependent on the casino, tourism and convention businesses, is also rapidly diversifying with small and medium manufacturing jobs, distribution/warehousing and a growing number of support call centers now operating locally.

Outside of Las Vegas Metro is the City of Boulder City. Originally the housing town for the dam construction, the little town more akin to a midwestern city then living in the shadows of Las Vegas. Also near by, is Parhump in Nye County. A bit over an hour from Las Vegas, Parhump is fighting for it’s own identity.

Metro Las Vegas is not the Las Vegas of your parents and grandparents and is becoming a metropolis of it’s own.