For When You Need A Realtor

Transaction Management

There may become a time when you decide you need a real estate agent to assist you. You might just want someone to marshal the paperwork thru. You have a buyer, you have a deal and an agreement – but you suddenly realize there is a lot of paperwork to the process and you need help with it. That is fine – in fact – that is noble that you realize there are things best left to the pros. Should that become the situation, please give me an interview. I am licensed Real Estate salesperson in the State of Nevada. I am also a Transaction Coordinator for other agents. What I do as a TC for other agents, is exactly what I can do for you: Manage the paperwork, for a fee less then a full listing contract.

Sell your home for you

Maybe you have shown the house to buyers. Maybe you have tried to deal with buyers and you are tired of it. Maybe a change in work schedules means you have less time to market your house. Maybe you are ready to hire an agent to handle your house sale for you. What ever the reason – you now need to find an agent that will best assist you. Give me a call. Why? Because I have a network of agents that I have vetted and that are experts at taking a former FSBO house and listing it and getting the seller TOP dollar for it. A lot of agents promise the moon – you want one that will deliver the goods.

Open Houses

Did you know there are agents that will do open houses on your FSBO? They will put out signs, door knock the area to announce the open house, help you stage the house, market the house to their database, promote the open house and then be there to show the house during the selected times. All they are asking for is a commission if someone that comes in during the open house buys the house. If and only if they show the house do you owe a commission to the agent. Any other buyer – you owe them nothing. If this is of interest to you, again, drop me a note and I will connect you with an agent that knows your area and set up the introductions. Not a lot of agents will take this arrangement, I know a few that will.