Get ready for a lot of phone calls

Numerous data harvesting services scan craigslist, backpage, many newspaper classified ads, facebook and even EBAY looking for For Sale By Owner ads. They will then download the information into their data bases which they then sell to real estate agents. Many many many agents in every market make their entire business based on calling FSBOs and offering their services to list their house for them.

Some services will even do number back traces to provide a name to match the phone number. Others use public information such as recorded real estate documents to establish the name behind the advertisement.

Your ad might say – agents do not call, but the ad is not provided to the agents, only your phone number and your address. So, regardless of your thinking agents will not call you – they will. And likely lots of them.

I have been in an office while agents called FSBO numbers for hours in a row. Once they got someone on the phone, they would speal about how they can get the FSBO more money faster. They will state they specialize in helping FSBOers at selling their home. Which could all be very true. And even if you say no, it is very possible that they will ad you to a follow up system where they will call you back in 1, 2, 4, 8 weeks to see if you are ready to list yet.

They will also offer to send you (email) a free Market Analysis of your property to assist you in your efforts to sell your house. Of course, they will need your email address for this and now they have one more piece of information on you – an email address that can be used for future marketing.

If you like talking on the phone – putting up a FSBO advertisement is a great way to get to talk to many people – especially real estate agents.